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Case Study: Hawkins Delafield Woods has the deserved reputation as the top public finance practice law firm practice in the United States. Project included web design, photography, and content management.
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In the summer of 2005, Hawkins Delafield Woods had the deserved reputation as the top public finance practice law firm practice in the United States. But their web site at this time did not represent their excellence. Their web site's front page featured grainy stock photographs and the site in general presented little of the professionalism that the Hawkins firm had become known for since 1854.

After searching diligently for a web agency to redesign their marketing materials, Business Edge was hired by Hawkins Delafield in the fall of 2005, and its new site design was unleashed in November 2005. Business Edge began by working long hours with Hawkins' marketing department to define a visual image of what the firm represented, and as it turned out the many high-profile construction projects they helped to bring to fruition wound up being the most suitable visuals to use in the new design.

We sent in our photographer to work with them, and came out with portraits of each partner at this 100 lawyer firm, as well as interior action shots called "document sessions" where Hawkins Delafield's lawyers would meet in their conference rooms and hash out a difficult problem until a resolution was found. We captured this spirit of their hard work, as well as the visuals of the projects they represented, then we went to work on their new web site design.

We built hundreds of pages into our LawAdmin Content management system and in the past 4 years Hawkins Delafield has updated nearly 100% of their content in-house with no maintenance fees, something that some law firms come to expect from our competitors.

See the finished Hawkins Delafield web site here