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6 panel tri-fold brochures are a convenient way for your firm to produce a small and handy marketing piece that is easy to mail and not too overwhelming for your clients to read.

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6 panel tri-fold brochure design

Business Edge can professionally design and print your firm's 6 panel tri-fold brochures for a much lower cost than your average advertising agency or graphic design firm. We are a small boutique firm that has been in business over 15 years and we take pride in our brochure work; we will make your 6 panel brochure or flyer our utmost priority.

6 panel tri-fold brochure examples:

6 panel tri-fold brochure and flyer example 1 (PDF) - Hach & Rose, LLP. NYC personal injury lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP represent victims of all types of injuries such as construction, car, work-related, slip and fall, and truck accidents. Business Edge designed this law firm's 6 panel tri-fold brochure in 2012.

6 panel tri-fold brochure and flyer example 1 (PDF) - Allen, Morris, Troisi & Simon. Allen, Morris, Troisi & Simon is a Manhattan law firm specializing in real estate matters. It was founded in Brooklyn by Bernd H. Allen and Melvin S. Morris in 1970. The firm has built a reputation as one of the premier firms in the development of rental, cooperative and condominium buildings, both large and small, as well as related business activities.Business Edge designed this law firm's 6 panel tri-fold brochure in 2008.



6 panel tri-fold brochures that show off your brand and image in a small convenient brochure

Business Edge can help design 6-panel tri-fold piece that shows off your services and your experience in a folded piece that is easy to place inside an envelope. Typical 6-panel brochure is 3-5/8" x 8-1/2" but larger sizes are available.

Get the best possible look for your Presentation folders

Tri-fold brochures have 6 panels for you to customize with your business information. It must also reinforce the marketing message that you are trying to portray. Contact information should also be easily readable on the folder, with a specific call to action.

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