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Job Opportunities at Business Edge range from experienced website media developers to marketing profesionals and web programming nerds. If you are looking to work for a leader, reach out to us!
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Job Opportunities at Business Edge

Job Position: Multimedia Website Designer

Requirements: the ability to be creative in a fast paced environment. Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Director, or Shockwave are essential. HTML, Page layout and web site design originality are important as well as a solid understanding of print and screen color, typography, and graphic formats.

Job Position: Web Programmer

Business Edge is now seeking entry level programmers who are well versed in one or more of the following internet programming languages:
ASP, VB, Cold Fusion, PHP, database design, Javascript. A working knowledge of HTML editors as well as graphic design products is desired. Ability to have fun while you get your work done is mandatory.

Sales Associate

We are looking for aggressive individuals with a track record of success in sales. Our commissions are generous, and if you are successful we can fast-track you to a "Base plus Commission" status. Our products range from web and print design to back-end database development and Content management creation. Some knowledge of software sales is preferable but not necessary.

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