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Business Edge has developed dozens of content management systems to empower diverse industry groups such as law firms, model agencies, retail, churches and non-profits, and many more.

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Content Management Systems

LawAdmin is a Business Edge product that helps law firms update their web content. This is not only our oldest CMS product; it's also our most popular. It's bee installed by over 100 of our law firm clients.


Estore is an all-in-one e-commerce solution which gives online store operators everything they need to run their stores effectively. Estore Edge helps you concentrate on more vital business issues, leaving the technical part of the web site to us. includes product management, customer management, order management, shipping management, secure ordering, inventory management, and much more. What separates our product from others is our ability to customize ALL of these functions for you; your business is not a one-dimensional template. Therefore your e-store shouldn't be, either.