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How big data from pipeline pigs can root out gas maintenance risks

Not all gas pipelines can be serviced by maintenance pigs, but the sensor data from ones that can are providing mountains of vital information....

Still using Windows XP, Vista? No Firefox 53 for you

The latest Firefox release promises fewer crashes thanks to its new Quantum Compositor, and drops support for some antique operating systems....

AWS opens up Amazon Lex AI platform to its customers

AWS move could lead to a lot more enterprise applications powered by the same artificial intelligence technology used by Amazons Alexa....

Windows 10 tip: Add extra details to Task Manager's Processes tab

Task Managers list of running processes is a useful tool all on its own. But you can tweak its display to add extra information, including the full path of the command that started each running process....

Free to iPhone, iPad, Mac users: Apple is now giving away its iWork and iLife apps

Even if you own older Apple hardware, you can now get Apples iWork Office rival and iLife apps for free....

?ATO website down following planned maintenance

The Australian Taxation Offices website is down, again, following scheduled maintenance over the four-day weekend....

?Samsung's Galaxy S8 does DeX: Is it a Chromebook challenger or virtual desktop play?

As Samsungs DeX and the Galaxy S8 stands today, theres a role for the device as a Chromebook alternative. It remains to be seen if its a virtual desktop infrastructure option....